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Welcome to my Amazon Shop! I hope you will enjoy browsing around.  


In my opinion, a hat is a basic necessity during traveling. It adds style, color, and saves you time on styling your hair. When I put a hat on, I am turning the switch from an ordinary to new and exciting. It tells me that an adventure begins! 

Yvonne's Travel Amazon Shop - straw hat.
Check out this hat here.



It is a difficult task to find comfortable shoes for travel that also look descent. I only wear sneakers when I have to. In my store, you will shoes that are good for walking but stylish enough to wear with a casual dress.

Yvonne's Travel Shop - blue shoes.
I love these shoes. They are very comfortable and can even replace sneakers on hiking trails. Check them out here


Tagua Jewelry 

This is my biggest discovery of 2020. I bought a few pieces from Amazon and love them all. This jewelry is light but has a look of a stone. Handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans out of harvested tagua nut (also called vegetable ivory), it is colorful, vibrant, stylish, and very affordable.

Yvonne's Travel Amazon Shop - Neckless
Check out this neckless here.



I bought many dresses on Amazon, but most of them currently are out of stock. As with any online shopping, buying a dress could be hit and miss, but I returned only a few so far. This part of my shop will start growing soon. 

Yvonne's Travel Amazon Shop-white-dress
This white dress is very nice, light, and flowy. Check it out here.



Regardless of the seasons, you need a jacket on your vacation. Most jackets these days are lighter than sweaters and are easy to pack. And of course, if you are into more adventure type of traveling, will you need a rain jacket. 

Yvonne's Travel Amazon Shop - pink jacket.
Surprisingly good quality for the price, this jacket traveled with me many times and always delivered. Check it out here.


Travel Books 

Even though travel books are running out of style, many people still love them. I am one of them. I am especially a big fan of the National Geographics series. Just the cover and the logo make me want to pack and go, but there are many other excellent books out there to help you plan your adventures. 

Yvonne's Travel Amazon Shop - travel guides.

Shop US Books here 

Shop Europe Books here 

Shop Children’s Books here 

Polish Pottery 

Being originally from Poland I am definitely biased about Polish pottery but sentiments aside, it is hard not to fall in love with these pieces of art. 

Yvonne's Travel Shop - Polish pottery.


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