Zakynthos Greece is the crown jewel of the Ionian Islands. Known for one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Navagio or Shipwreck Beach, is a popular European destination for those seeking spectacular scenery and relaxation at an affordable price. Here you will find sunny weather, warm people, and great food. If nightlife is your thing, you will find it too. But if you desire to escape it all, just drive around to a secluded beach, a little cafe on the cliff, or beautiful vistas framed with flowers. Read on to learn how to visit Zakynthos and how to discover its beauty and spirit.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Clear blue water and the boats.
Zakynthos Greece. How is that for a day at the beach?!


When my sister and her friend decided to take their young grandsons for a week trip from Poland to Zakynthos Greece, I knew I had to join them. For me, it was a jump over the ocean from the USA, but that was an opportunity I was waiting for.

I was drawn by stunning images of Navagio Beach, also called the Shipwreck Beach, recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The trip turned out to be more than I expected and the boys also loved it!

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Secluded beach.
When driving around, have your eyes open for gems like this one!

Planning a Visit to Zakynthos Greece

When to Visit Zakynthos

In my opinion, the best time to visit is at the end of June. It is already warm, comfortable for swimming, and spring flowers are blooming. July and August are hot and crowded, but there are plenty of opportunities to escape the heat and crowds.

Just take a cooling dip at one of many secluded beaches. With pleasant temperatures, September and October are also good times to visit. Learn more about Zakynthos weather and seasons. 

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. View of the see through flowers.
If you love flowers, spring is the best time to visit Zakynthos.

How to get to Zakynthos

Flying is the best way to get to Zakynthos, but there are no direct flights from the USA. I flew with my American Airlines miles. That was a really good deal since it Included a stopover in Barcelona on my way there (learn how to visit Barcelona in 12 hours) and Vienna on my way back.

Look for good deals to get to Athens and from there you can fly with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air for around $140 round trip. In summer, Zakynthos receives charters and low-cost flights from many European airports.

If you are interested in traveling with points and miles learn Basics of Travel Hacking.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. House with greenery on the roof.
Zakynthos is not just the beaches.

You can also get to Zakynthos from Athens by bus with KTEL bus company. The trip takes about 5 hours. I used this service to visit Athens and found it inexpensive and comfortable. Definitely, the way to meet the locals. Make sure to buy a ferry ticket Killini-Zakynthos, which is not included in a bus ticket.

I did not know that I needed one and almost missed the ferry when frantically looking for a place to buy it. The whole trip at that time could only be purchased in person and with cash, so be prepared. 

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Windmill accommodation by Potamitis Brothers.
Windmill accommodation by Potamitis Brothers.

Getting around in Zakynthos Greece

The best way to get around Zakynthos is by car, but it is not to say that driving is easy there. Roads are narrow and winding and road signs are mostly in Greek. Even with GPS, you will get lost, but it is not a bad thing.

Any way you go, you will find something to admire, and eventually, you will find your way back. No reason to rush in Zakynthos. It is a place to relax and enjoy every turn.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. View of Zakynthos from a restaurant.
Dining with a view in Zakynthos.

Renting a car in Zakynthos

Many major international rental agencies are represented at the airport. Cars with an automatic transmission are not widely available so reserve well in advance. Be prepared for gas prices if you are coming from the USA. The first time I bought gas, I thought I was robbed.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Beach with a large boulder.
You will need a car to find a beach just for yourself.

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What to See and Do in Zakynthos Greece

Navagio Beach

Navagio, or Shipwreck Beach, is Zakynthos’ most famous attraction and should not be missed. Start with the view from the top, accessible from a small overhanging platform. Expect to wait your turn to access it. To see more, you can venture out along the cliffs.

If you are traveling with children, do not let them run in front of you. There are no barriers to stop them! The walk is spectacular, but taking pictures of the beach is challenging if you are afraid of heights. I was flat on my belly doing it.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Navagio Beach and its shipwreck.
As blue as it could be -Navagio Beach in Zakynthos.

The only way to visit the beach is from the water. Many tours are available. You can book some online, but most are available on walk-in bases, paid in cash, and sometimes negotiable. Y

our time on the beach will be limited, but you will have time for swimming. Navagio is not a sandy beach, even though it looks like one from the top. It actually consists of tiny yellowish rocks. (The Story of the Shipwreck)

Zakynthos Greece - hot to visit. Famous Shipwreck Beach from the water.
Famous Shipwreck Beach from the water.

Keri Caves and Blue Caves

Kari Caves and Blue Caves are also great boat destinations. When taking these excursions, do not expect the boat owners to entertain you. Many of them do not speak English.

The price is right, the scenery is gorgeous – you will love it anyway. If you want better service, you can pay more for a bigger boat, but the bigger ones will not be able to access smaller caves.

Zakynthos - your ultimate beach vacation spot. Stunning vistas, blue water, abundance of beaches, great food, good hotel base - and all without breaking your budget! #Zakynthos #Greece #beachvacations

Zakynthos by car

Do not forget to explore the land! Just drive around with no destination. With its 76 miles of diverse coastline, Zakynthos has a beach for everyone. You will discover beautiful mountain views, charming villages, shops, and restaurants.

Every turn delivers  –  a charming little house, a craft stand, an old church, or a goat crossing the road. Stop at the local tavern, talk to strangers, have a shot of ouzo. This is what you will bring home with you, a mosaic of views, sounds, smells, and tastes of the island – your memories of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Another beautiful view with tree.
Just another turn in Zakynthos.

Hotels in Zakynthos

There are many inexpensive hotels to choose from. My first night on the island, I spent at Varres Hotel. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good value. It is located in a peaceful setting surrounded by olive gardens,  close to the town of Zakynthos. It is a modern hotel with a large pool and nice views. A good breakfast is included.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Varres Hotel.
Varres Hotel delivers all you need at a low price.

My second lodging was Armonia Studios. Away from it all, it offers views of the sea, a short walk to the beach, a nice garden-like restaurant, and a fenced-in playground. You can rent a studio or a two-bedroom apartment for under $100 per night. The owner spoke very good English, but the whole experience was as Greek as it could be. I loved it!

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Sunset at the beach.
Just step away from Armonia Studio, you can have this sunset to yourself.

My final accommodation would appeal to families with small children and travelers looking for peaceful unique places. At Logothetis Organic Farm, you will be introduced to a farm vacation at its best. A charming two-bedroom house costs under $100 night.  As a welcome gift, we received a basket full of organic produce! The boys loved the place.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Logothetis Organic Farm.
Logothetis Organic Farm with distance views of the sea.

Restaurants in Zakynthos

This is what I love about Zakynthos, you can find places to eat almost everywhere. You may think you are lost, but soon you will stumble upon some great restaurant in the middle of nowhere but with the views to die for. Of course, many restaurants are right on the water and specialize with “catch of the day”.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Restaurant with a view.
What a view to dine with!

What kind of food can you expect in Zakynthos? Greek! I like that. When visiting another country, I am looking for its traditional cuisine. Along with local food, you might find a Greek version of pizza or hamburgers, but that is about it. I spotted one McDonald’s on the island and I felt it did not belong.

Zakynthos Greece - how to visit. Catch of the day.
Catch of the day, which one of these is calling your name?

Many restaurants provide live music at night. In less touristy areas, those performances seem to be truly Greek aiming mostly to please local people, not the tourists.

Nightlife in Zakynthos

For visitors looking for entertainment, the suitable areas are in the southern part of the island Argasi, Tsilivi, Laganas, Alykes, and Kalamaki. These are tourist centers and during the summer they are full of crowds. The entertainment is ongoing; the party begins early in the evening and continues till sunrise.

Using Credit Cards in Zakynthos 

In the USA, I use credit cards extensively to collect points and miles for free travel, but it was not the case in Zakynthos. They are accepted in most of the hotels, but when dining out I had to look for places that take them. Boat tours required cash too. Remember, when visiting Zakynthos, have a decent amount of Euros!

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