The coronavirus pandemic hit the travel industry without mercy and discrimination. When travelers are looking to get their refunds for canceled trips; airlines, cruise ships, hotels, and tour operators are looking to stay alive while paying back to their customers. The chaos is real, and the possibility of positive changes any time soon is slim. Still, travel providers are not giving up and offering special deals that seem too tempting to pass. Many travelers are seriously considering taking advantage of these offers. But is it a good idea to invest your money into the shaking business? Find the answers below. 

With the travel industry practically crumbling down due to coronavirus, there are many lessons to be learned. Let’s face it, the virus is going to linger around for months or longer. Just like after 9/11, the industry will have to face the problem and come up with significant safety procedures to boost travelers’ confidence and get them to move again.

Most people will wait until then, but some are ready to invest now to secure great deals being promoted. Who is right? Before booking a trip, you need to weigh your financial and health risks.

“Save now, travel later” deals – What are they worth?

Travel providers are trying to stay afloat with sweet offers, and it is hard to blame them, but should you take that risk? In general, no. These companies want your money to survive. In essence, they are taking a loan from you, and for free! If they collapse, your money will be gone too.

Bankruptcies are inevitable due to the coronavirus crisis, and you do not want to be a part of it.

Getting your money back for canceled travel is challenging, and it could be costly

Many travelers are still trying to figure out how to get a refund for their trips canceled due to coronavirus. It is especially tricky if a traveler decides to cancel. Keep in mind, when your trip gets closer, you may feel that the health risk is still too great.

Chances are that your cruise or flight will still be going as scheduled, and your alternative will be to go or cancel. If you cancel, at best, you will be entitled to a credit voucher for a future trip.

What if you lose your job?

During the economic crisis, no job is secure. Hopefully, our economy will bounce back quickly, but what if it doesn’t?  You may be left financially struggling while your money is tied up in your travel provider’s pocket.

Travel insurances are not covering pandemic unless you buy an expensive “cancel for any reason” plan

As many of us learned the hard way, a typical travel insurance policy does not cover pandemic or epidemic. Cancel for any reason policies sound rosy, but in fact, they come with many restrictions and are very costly. And what if your travel insurance company goes down? When the ground is shaking, nothing is stable.

Until social distancing becomes a priority over profit, traveling will remain a health hazard

The travel industry played a leading role in spreading coronavirus around the world. Overcrowding became a common denominator in all segments of the field and has to be addressed with urgency. Significant and permanent changes need to be implemented to make travel safe again. We cannot just continue making the same mistakes and hope that things will correct themselves.

Social distancing has to become a priority if we want to travel without fear of being infected with coronavirus or any other future viruses. That was needed even before the coronavirus pandemic. We should not be paying an entry fee to the Vatican Museum only to join thousands of other people there and see their backs!

Dubrovnik, Venice, or Santorini should not be flooded with waves of people coming at once from massive environmental disasters, also known as cruise ships. Airlines should finally stop squeezing passengers into tinier and tinier spaces.

What can you do instead of taking a big trip

It is not easy for anyone to stay home but especially if you are a restless traveler. As hard as it is, the urge to travel should not blind you. We all need to follow guidelines regarding social distancing and travel safety. When restrictions are slowly lifted, these options should work for the time being.

  • Take a road trip instead of flying
  • Discover hidden gems in your area
  • Rent an RV instead of staying in a hotel
  • Consider hiking and backpack

If you decide to take a bigger trip, make sure to follow these strategies on How To Plan Your Travel Amid CCOVI-19 Crisis Without a Fear of Losing Your Money. 

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