Beavertail State Park, located in Jamestown, Rhode Island, offers some of the most beautiful vistas along the New England coastline. It attracts people who enjoy getting away from it all in search of peace and tranquility. The park’s most popular activity is sightseeing, followed by hiking along the dramatic rocky coastline, picnicking, and excellent saltwater fishing. Positioned just a stone’s throw away from popular Newport, RH, the park is practically one of the city’s extended attractions. In this post, you will learn how to visit this amazing stretch of Rhone Island’s coastline. 

Beavertail State Park, Rhode Island. Ship.
Watching the waves is one of the favorite activities in Beavertail State Park.


Not many people realize that Rhode Island is very similar to Maine. It offers the same old-world charm, incredible nature, and great seafood restaurants. Because it is much easier to reach, I often venture there for short getaways when my travel bug calls my name. With each visit, I find something new. Beavertail State Park is one of my latest amazing discoveries. 

Beavertail State Park Location 

The park is a public recreation area encompassing 153 acres at the southern end of Conanicut Island in Narragansett Bay – just 9.2 miles west of Newport, RH. It can be reached from New York City in 3.5 hours, and from Boston in 2 hours.

Location Information:

Beavertail Road
Jamestown, Rhode Island 02835

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Beavertail State Park is located on the island of Jamestown, connected to mainland Rhode Island by the route 138 bridge. To get to the state park, follow 138 to the last exit before the Newport Pell-Claiborne Bridge (there is a sign that says “The last exit before toll.”) Follow Conanicus Ave off the exit through Jamestown’s center.

Beavertail State Park. Rocks and the beach.
You can find a secluded place for yourself to enjoy the views.

State of Rhode Island 

Rhode Island is the USA’s smallest state, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in cultural richness and natural beauty. Known as the Ocean State, it is framed by 400 miles of coastline, offering pristine beaches and endless fun on the water.

Despite its unimpressive size, the state receives 26 million visitors per year. They come to enjoy a slower pace of life with fishing, boating, bird watching, and sunbathing as primary activities. Many look for the best surfing in Narragansett, while others flock to Newport, home to 3 National Historic Landmark Districts and excellent beaches.

Then there is the capital of Rhode Island, Providence. It took me by surprise with its historic architecture, beautiful parks, and fantastic food scene. It is a delightful city to visit. 

Beavertail State Park. Young couple. Beavertail State Park offers a playground for all. 

Rhode Island’s State Parks 

Visitors can use Rhode Island state parks for free, although some of them have paid parking. The parks are a major asset to Rhode Island’s tourism industry.  Around 9 million people visit Rhode Island’s 8,200 acres of parkland each year – the most visitors per acre of any state park system in the country. 

Beavertail State Park Map 

Beavertail State Park. Map.
You will find Beavertail State Park easy to navigate.

Beavertail State Park – Know Before You Go 


Parking is free at Beavertail State Park, unlike at the rest of Rhode Island’s beaches. 

Beavertail State Park- Yellowish rocks.
At Beavertail State Park, you can enjoy the views of the rocky shore even from your car.


I did not see any signs saying that swimming is not allowed, but I would not recommend doing it. The waves come in fast and often with a lot of power. The ocean has carved out openings and caves into many of the cliffs, and one of the dangers is getting sucked into them.

Beavertail State Park. Historic foundation. Beavertail Lighthouse old foundation. 

Camping near Beavertail State Park 

The park does not offer camping or lodging, but you will find plenty of choices in the area. Remember, the state is tiny, so you will have no trouble finding a campground closeby. 

Fort Getty Park and Campground-  the closes campground to Beavertail State Park 

Fort Getty Park and Campground is a town-owned facility located at Fort Getty Road’s terminus and is 41 acres in size.  The Park has old fortifications, a rocky beach, a public boat ramp, and a dock. 

The campground consists of 83 seasonal RV sites and 26 tent sites. Tent reservations can be made online by clicking here beginning January 2nd or calling 401-423-7260 M-F during business hours. Find camping in Rhode Island State parks.

Visiting Newport, Rhode Island? Make sure to spend a day at Beavertail State Park, just 9 miles away. You will be impressed with its beauty. #rhodeislandstateparks #whattodoinrhodeisland

Things to do in Beavertail State Park 

The park is open year-round, from dawn to dusk. It offers fantastic views of Narragansett Bay. The rocky coastline provides superb grounds to enjoy these views. The shore is not good for swimming but perfect for rock climbing, exploring tide pools and tidal marine life, salt-water fishing, walking the grounds, picnicking, and kite flying.

Beavertail Lighthouse – Third Oldest Lighthouse in the USA

Beavertail Lighthouse was built in 1856 and is the premier lighthouse in Rhode Island, marking the entrance to Narragansett Bay. The 64-foot (20 m) lighthouse provides navigation for boats and ships entering the bay. The Beavertail Lighthouse Museum features the history of the site.

The lighthouse tower is not open to the public.

Learn more about the lighthouse here

Beavertail State Park, Rhode Island. Lighthouse information sign.

Hiking in Beavertail State Park 

You will find a network of dirt trails that hug the rocky coast. Follow these trails and keep an eye out for the openings where short paths descend down the cliffs to small coves. Some of them offer nice patches of sand, but most of them are rocky. 

Educational Programs at Beavertail State Park

The park is a premier site for marine education. It operates a naturalist program about the ecology of tide pools and local geology. It also offers programs teaching about crabs, fish, whales, and intertidal zones. It also has a museum and gift shop in the assistant keeper’s house. 

Beavertail Lighthouse. Lighthouse and trees.
Beavertail State Park provides a large area for playing the ball. 

Hotels near Beavertail State Park 

I recommend staying in Newport, Rhode Island, where you will find a wide selection of accommodation for every budget and taste and a wide variety of activities. 

Hotel Viking – historic Newport hotel, great location, rooftop bar

Newport Marriott – historic downtown, waterfront, a terrace with a view

Newport Bay Club and Hotel – in the heart of Newport, secure parking, with kitchenette

Admiral Fitzroy Inn – perfect location, onsite parking, rooftop deck

Atlantic Beach Hotel – reasonably prices no thrill hotel, clean and spacious, walking distance to the beach and Cliff Walk


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  1. Really informative article, Yvonne! Beavertail State Park is certainly one of the best places I have been to. The panoramic views of Narragansett Bay from the lighthouse are breathtaking. I highly recommend going there at the time of sunset and also enjoy a gorgeous starry night.