A New Chapter by Yvonne’s Son

Hi Everybody, 

I know my mom had a strong following who really cared about her and her stories, whether it was for advice, for fun, or just the inspiration of it all. And I may have to add as some people still may not know, she did pass away from cancer in June 2021.

To honor my mom I have started my own travel blog: The Morning Haze

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Every post will have an ounce of dedication to Yvonne’s story, and the first few are solely focused on how she inspired me to take on a project like this. It’s my way to cope, honor her story, and tell my own.

It will be primarily dog-friendly travel destinations, and stories inspired by the spirit of life that Yvonne exuded to all her followers, friends, and family. 

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It took me a while, but I am excited to see what I can do.
As Yvonne always said, you can do anything you put your mind to.

With love,
Daniel (Yvonne’s only son)
Ps. I will keep this blog alive, but all new posts will be on the new site mentioned above. 

One thought on “A New Chapter by Yvonne’s Son

  1. That’s wonderful! I enjoyed following your mom’s travels so much! I even ordered face masks during Covid that her amazing pictures were on them! Good luck with your blog….your mom would be proud! 💙🙏